What We Do

Medical Facility Aid (MFA) will work with community health facilities, to determine what is needed in infrastructure improvements. Once the money is raised for the project, we at MFA will hire a local contractor to provide the improvements needed. By hiring a local contractor, we are insuring jobs to laborers within the community. This in turn helps the laborers family with additional income. Not only are we helping the healers but also helping the economics of the communities the clinic or hospital is in. Once the project is completed, MFA will set up a small trust to ensure the up-keep of those improvements made last into the future.

MFA Mission Statement

Hospital lab with modest equipment in Ethiopia.
Medical Facility Aidís goal is to enhance the conditions of health care facilities, which have suffered major neglect, in the developing world. Giving patients and their families a better standard of care. Giving medical professionals a better work environment. We will rebuild or improve hospitals that have suffered from years of neglect. We want to improve the quality of care for those most in need. We at MFA also want to raise awareness of the true need of infrastructure improvements in tiny medical facilities all over the world.

The US spends $6400.00 a year per person on healthcare. Ethiopia spends $13.00. South Africa spends $8.00 per person per year.

For just $13 you can cover the medical cost of 1 patient for 1 year. Cover the cost of 10 children for $130 for an entire year. That is less than the average visit to the doctor for a routine check up in the US.

For donating so little you can be helping so much.

"Many health care facilities in sub-Saharan Africa lack so much for basic sanitation that I recall one doctor in Ethiopia telling me his patients were more likely to arrive well and leave sick than arrive sick and leave well. The same doctor told me he thought patients would probably face a lower risk of infection if he took them outside to operate under the trees.

The work of organizations like, Medical Facility Aid is playing an important role in making sure people receive health care that can actually make a difference."

Donna Berber
Founder - A Glimmer of Hope Foundation
Austin, Texas
Our Philosophy

Medical Facility Aid is a social entrepreneur organization.

Donors are not giving anything away but investing in social improvements (social investors) that yield a better humanity and condition for the citizens of the world. We want our investors to see real return on their commitments by changing the environment which health care is provided, in some of the poorest communities around the world.

Throughout this organization, there will be a social profit, and we will be able to measure that in qualitative and quantitative terms.

In developing nations around the world hospitals and clinics have suffered major neglect. We believe in helping the healer. We see the staff and medical personnel devote their lives to serving their communities. We believe in improving the environments in which they practice medicine, will honor and encourage their devotion to those in need.