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"One of the major causes of avoidable diseases in developing countries is the lack of clean water. Often times people have to share the water pond with domestic animals. You can have people collecting water, some others washing their clothes and cows drinking in the same pond and at the same time. Most rural areas do not have access to clean water. And the health centers in these rural remote areas are not an exception to this problem.

Efforts like that of the Medical Facility Aid to provide clean water to these centers would go a long way in solving health problems from their root cause, which is the lack of clean water. This would be a lasting solution to the problem of avoidable diseases, that continues to jeopardize the health and lives of many less privileged people in the rural areas, in developing countries."

Fr. Charles Namugera
Diocesan Priest, from Masaka Diocese in Uganda-East Africa
The Pontifical Council for Health Pastoral Care Vatican City

We need people to help build this cause and save a hospital in a far away land. Nothing feels better then to know you are doing good for someone that needs a hand. Give your time and heart to help a child be in a clean, functioning hospital when the need to get well.


Donations will go to medical facility projects in developing countries that serve the public healthcare needs. Medical Facility Aid is a 501c3 and contributions are tax deductible. You can donate two ways, clicking on the 'Donate' button below:
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Medical Facility Aid
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Join the Fundraising Campaign by Spreading the Word

Tell your friends and family to join the cause by donating just $13.00 dollars which cover the medical cost of one patient for a year. Cover the cost of 10 children for $130.00 dollars for year. (Less the average Doctor visit for a routine checkup in the US).