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"I would like to appreciate the effort MFA is putting in improving the lives of people living in developing nations through upgrading the hospitals and clinics they are using. As a doctor practicing in the developing country I feel that there is a huge demand for improving medical facilities in this part of the continent. Poorly maintained hospitals in developing countries exacerbate the already existing infectious disease burden, human resource shortage and scarcity of drugs. Hence, improving the infrastructure of the facilities will be a critical component of the effort towards improving the health status of the society.

I appreciate this endeavor, because this is an area where most aid organizations pay little attention to. I believe improving the ventilation of hospital wards, upgrading the sanitation facilities of the hospital, working towards access to safe and adequate water, equipping the health facilities with basic equipments and renovation the basic infrastructure of a hospital will move us a long way towards improving the health care delivery of resource limited countries.

Unless there is an effort to improve the infrastructure of the facilities in the developing countries reaching the Millennium Development Goals in these countries will be far from reality."

Ermias Mulugeta M.D., MPH
Bethzatha Health Services PLC
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia